Tips on flying

Rule No.1 – Every action you take affects someone in one way or the other

What to do/not to do onboard an aircraft

  1. Avoid boarding the aircraft when drunk
  2. Avoid food with garlic, onion recipe immediately before boarding the aircraft, if you do, then ensure to chew gum
  3. Change into a fresh outfit if coming from a long vacation/safari before boarding an aircraft
  4. Don’t carry into the cabin a piece of luggage bigger than the stowage bins
  5. For medium and large size aircraft, stow your carry-on roller bag with the castors pointing inside the stowage bin, not sideways
  6. Don’t bring carry-on luggage that you cannot personally lift to stow away in the cabin stowage bins
  7. Wait until everyone with a permissible size of carryon luggage has stowed away their luggage before you put your coat in the stowage bin, unless you have only a light carryon luggage e.g. laptop.
  8. Do not upgrade yourself in the cabin, first seek the clearance of the flight attendant. Stick to your booked seat number.
  9. Do not change your child’s diaper on the tray table, use the space in the Water Closet (WC)
  10. Avoid conversations across seats or rows that require raising of your tone of voice.
  11. Please remove your headphones/earphones when a flight attendant is talking to you. It is not only disrespectful to the person whose job it is to save your life, but it makes you talk loud enough that half the plane knows what you want to drink.
  12. Never touch a flight attendant
  13. Keep your elbows to your seat
  14. Be mindful of the passenger behind you before reclining your seat, just in case you spill their meal/drink
  15. Be mindful of other passengers’ needs to alight/disembark the same way you wish to. Everyone has a tight connection, so don’t push
  16. In case you have developed flu/common cold, ensure that you have sufficient soft tissue napkins or handikerchiefs so as not to inconvenience fellow passengers. When you clear your nose, endeavor to do so with the minimum sound possible.
  17. While listening to music channels or movies via headphones, avoid humming to the tunes or commenting on the script because you cannot judge the sound level of your voice.