Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

1When does Vule Airways anticipate carrying out its maiden flight?
Vule Airways is working around the clock to have its maiden flight in early November 2017. The Directors are committed to the success of Vule Airways and have further offered consultancy services where need arises in order to save on expenditure during the early stages of operationalizing the airline.
2How can air travellers find out about Vule Airways deals/packages?
Vule Airways has a functioning user-friendly website, where an air traveller can get all the required information. At least one White label is attached to the Vule Airways website, which gives access to most of Europe’s and USA tourists’ sites.
3Is the Uganda government assistance available?
The Uganda government is keen on private sector investment and development of the infrastructure in Uganda. Therefore, the government both welcomes and supports Vule Airways ventures as a privately-owned company, in the air transport sector and development of transport infrastructure in Uganda.
4How much time will it take Vule Airways to break even?
Vule Airways assumes an annual average growth of 1.5% on all its operations and activities as a precautionary measure for the first three years. This is meant to factor in the challenges of the new airline in a new environment with its associated risks. However, according to the financial analysis of Vule Airways’ Business Plan, the airline will break even during the cross-over from the third to fourth year of operations.
5What is the Dividend Policy of Vule Airways?
The Board of Directors believes in a policy of ensuring that Vule Airways continuously grows through ploughing back of the Retained Earnings but the Board also believes in rewarding the owners of Capital (Shareholders) for providing the necessary Capital and undertaking risks. For the start, Vule Airways as a private limited company, is selling private shares to realise equity. At the end of each financial year, the Board shall convene an Annual General Meeting for all Shareholders and announce the financial status of the airline. Dividends shall be paid and honoured as per the number of shares held and with the Board members being paid last. Later on, as the profits increase and Vule Airways meets the criteria for listing on a public stock exchange, Vule Airways will be listed to float shares on the public stock exchanges.
6What tourist attractions has Vule Airways got in mind for the safari vacationists and or honeymoon makers?
Uganda is blessed with unique fauna and flora, together with wildlife attractions; all of which can be an attraction to the tourists and vacationists. Uganda is well known for River Nile rafting and Mountain Gorilla expeditions. The keystone of the new industry became Bwindi Impenetrable National Park. With more than 300 mountain gorillas, Bwindi Impenetrable National Park has approximately half of the world's population of mountain gorillas. Many resorts are available for both the local citizens and foreign tourists. The various tourist attractions shall be available as links to the Vule Airways’ website. Vule Airways will work hand-in-hand with the Ministry of Tourism, Wildlife and Antiques to ensure maximum Value-for-Money of its tourist clientele.
7What is the modus operandi of Vule Airways?
Vule Airways is committed to co-operate with its competitors instead of outright stiff competition. The airline looks towards entering Code-share Agreements with both regional and international carriers in order to meet the travel needs of its clients.
8What measures has Vule Airways put in place to counter threats to its fleet and aviation in general, given the fact that it is venturing to have operations into the State of Israel and Russian Federation Republic?
Operating routes to Russia and Israel on a regular basis will expose Vule Airways to threats from both anti-Jewish and anti-Russian elements and therefore, will require special security methods in order to ensure that Vule Airways’ passengers, crew, and aircraft are protected against acts of unlawful interference and terrorism. A special security department, manned with the most knowledgeable and experienced personnel in Aviation and National Security, will function within Vule Airways general operations, according to Uganda CAA, Russian Federation Republic and State of Israel guidelines, and Vule Airways internal regulations. A security unit within Vule Airways will be established and later on a Director of Security appointed to oversee a staff that will be available 24/7, for any questions or problems regarding security that may arise during Vule Airways day-to-day operations.